Prophesy: I am the Resurrection the Truth and the Way

I am the truth the life and the way he who believeth upon Me shall be saved and have everlasting life saith the Lord. I am seeking a people who want to have their spirit and heart moved. Shaken and cracked by the Holy Spirit. I am seeking a people who want to have their spirit melted by the Holy Spirit so that I can mold you to the image and likeness of Me. Arise My People. Arise saith the Lord. I am here to mold you like clay into My Image and Likeness and live from Glory to Glory. Arise My people for such a time as this There will be a moving a shaking and a cracking in the earth that is why I am calling for a people who will let the Holy Spirit put fire to your spirit not only to melt it for My Glory but to give you power so you can do the mighty works the Lord that have already have been laid out before you. Come Come saith the Lord for this is your time to be mightily anointed. Arise My people. This is your time to be used for the mighty works of the Lord.

I will shape you to My Image and Likeness. And as I shape you for My Glory you will grow to have even a more deeper and intimate relationship with Me. You will hear My Voice. You no longer will whither and be swayed by the wind but you will have the solid foundation of The Lord. As you usher in the Kingdom Of the living God. You will be that unblemished church you will be that Holy Church. You will be that Rock that will not fade away but will bring in the Kingdom of God with power might and authority. And Jesus the King and you part of the church of the Bride.

Glory Glory Glory to the King of kings and Lord of lords. Hallelluiah. Praise to the Mighty Name of Jesus.

For My Word goes forth and shall NOT return void. Step into this mighty Word of the Lord and claim your inheritance as your spirit is not of this world but of the almighty Living God.


About kingdomgodministries

Seeking to inspire people to understand the Kingdom of God and encourage people to turn their hearts to Jesus Christ. Our Lord and Savior
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