Prophesy: Arise and Dilgently Seek My Face

Arise and Diligently Seek My Face. Now is the time to seek My Face. Seek the things of the Lord God as they will be revealed to you as you abide in obedience and diligently seek after Me Ask and you shall find the things of My Face that have been hidden. By My Holy Spirit I will show you truths that you can use to live in the fullness of God that I have already prepared for you from before the beginnings. The sacrifice of My only Begotten Son had broken the veil The blood has broken the barrier. Walk into the fullness of the knowledge of the Lord God. From Glory to Glory come into the experience and walk in the almighty power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Did I not say that I would send down the Holy Spirit to lead you in all truth knowledge and wisdom. Seek My Face. Seek my Face I will show the knowledge wisdom and truth whose power shall never fade away As you seek My Face you will be building on the Rock of the Lord Jesus Christ that will not be shaken. Walk into the knowledge of My Ways. Walk into the Wisdom of My Ways.

Seek now My Face. The days are short but my knowledge wisdom and power are everlasting and will not fail you I will be your protector and shield in the times of trouble and tribulation for I shall NOT fail you for My Word never returns back void. Arise Arise as you enter into the secret things of the Lord as you walk in obedience and your faith will be everlasting Glory to Glory. Faith to Faith.

About kingdomgodministries

Seeking to inspire people to understand the Kingdom of God and encourage people to turn their hearts to Jesus Christ. Our Lord and Savior
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