Breaking the Veil

Breaking the veil that’s exactly what the death ,burial and the resurrection of Jesus Christ did. The veil was created when at the time of creation the first woman decided to eat from the knowledge of good and evil instead of only from the trees of life that God had put in the Garden of Eden. The River of life is God’s ways and eternal life and the keys to the Kingdom but human as we are thinking that our own ways is better than God’s ways choose the tree of the knowledgeable and philosophical as the human declares I know what is best. But who made the woman insecure and tempted her that it was good to turn away from the ways of the creator but instead choose to know the difference between good and evil this was the devil who said to her that you can be like God and that you don’t need God but instead can do things on your own. Man turned away from God and went to their own devices which was the reason humans became separated from God. The devil has deceived humans into making the woman in the garden insecure and inferior and specifically disobeyed God in eating from the only forbidden tree in the Garden. It was created from before the foundation of the earth that the only sacrifice that would break the veil would be the Son of God. The blood sacrifice that broke the veil and in fact put man and God in union with each other in the spirit. Yes God provided a Savior and that only begotten Son of God is Jesus Christ. Believing and confessing Jesus Christ breaks the veil and ends the enmity between God and man. Being Born Again is a spirtual rebirth and a quickening of the human spirit to be one in union with the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit begins to work in you toward furthering the Kingdom of God. Line upon line precept upon precept. Faith to faith and then Glory to Glory. Yes the veil has been broken and you are one in Christ Jesus. Yes you can walk in the anointing of Jesus Christ. And partake of the Kingdom of God and become part of the unblemished Church of the Living God. Yes Jesus Christ is coming for a glorious church and you as a spirit filled believer are part of the unblemished church as it is being built brick by brick and we move forward in the powerful outpouring of His Holy Spirit. You will be quickened as Jesus Christ will meet you in the clouds these are the end times make no mistake about it and Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit has already deposited the Spirit of the Living God into your spirit do that you are one with God Jesus Christ did all of this through the sacrifice of His Blood on the cross.

Glory to the King of kings and Glory to the Kingship of Jesus Christ as you move in obedience and power to the Holy Spirit. Thankyou Jesus. You have indeed broken the veil and we boldly declare this Good News to all humans so they can know the wonderful Savior Jesus Christ.


About kingdomgodministries

Seeking to inspire people to understand the Kingdom of God and encourage people to turn their hearts to Jesus Christ. Our Lord and Savior
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