the Glory Clouds are forming

The Glory Clouds are forming saith the Lord. They already have begun in the heavenlies and are now forming on the earth but they cannot be seen in the visible for the things of God are foolishness onto man. The moving shaking and cracking has been going on in the heavenlies for a time and in fact has begun to become manifested in the world. As the moving shaking and cracking continues the Glory Clouds have beginning to form. First in the heavenlies and now in the world. The Spirit of the Lord is making things straight and the prince of the air will be dissolved and cast down as the Holy Spirit goes forth hovering upon the waters. Now Now awake awake for I will be in the Glory Clouds. Are you ready to meet Me in the clouds at a twinkling of an eye. Now is the time to keep focused on me saith the Lord. You have not waited in vain. Believe abs be baptized in My Name. The Spirit of Truth and Love has come upon you. You will be with Me in the Glory Clouds saith the Lord. Do not waver do not lose faith for even as I speak now you are with me as you abide in Me I abide in you. Did I not promise you that??? Oh the Glory Clouds are forming for My faithful. No longer will you be oppressed and cast down by the evil one The evil one will be cast out of your life as you turn your hearts and hope to me. This Hope we have is about to be fulfilled. See it by your spirit as it is beginning now in the spirtual realm. The enemy will not have any strongholds upon you. Glory to King Jesus. Look Look for I am in the Glory Clouds. Arise Arise. Be ready at the twinkling of an eye you will be changed and be with Me in the Cloud. Oh what a Hope we have in the Word of the Lord. The Word of the Lord never returns void and in fact is going forth now. Praises to the mighty Name of Jesus Christ.


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Seeking to inspire people to understand the Kingdom of God and encourage people to turn their hearts to Jesus Christ. Our Lord and Savior
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2 Responses to the Glory Clouds are forming

  1. Pastor David says:

    so powerful word

  2. David J. Snyder says:

    This is an excellent word, Rich! The Glory of God has been pouring out in the heavens over the United States lately and, according to His timing, will also pour violently out onto the physical realm through His people proclaiming His coming, signs and wonders, even angelic visitations and tangible open heaven visions on behalf of unbelievers.

    Literally, the Lord has been revealing lately about Heaven merging with Earth and how the Church will change forever as a result.

    Keep pressing in! Keep writing what you receive! We desperately need each other in this new season of power.

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