Jesus came to fulfill the Law

Jesus Christ came to fulfill the Law not to replace it. carefully read Revelations 22 it tells what must be done by the believers to enter into the River of Life. His laws are for today just as much as they were thousands of years ago the difference is that Jesus Christ died for our sins and to give us grace so the commandments can be followed. We are to be a Holy People and seperated for His Purposes and Glory. We are not to be of this world where the prince is the devil , we are to be dwelling in the Heavenly Realms with Jesus Christ.

Glory to King Jesus and praises to the mighty Almighty God. let’s live for the purposes that God has laid out before us and let’s surrender our will to Him


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Seeking to inspire people to understand the Kingdom of God and encourage people to turn their hearts to Jesus Christ. Our Lord and Savior
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One Response to Jesus came to fulfill the Law

  1. So many people think the law has passed away and we do not have to obey the commands anymore. This is good news to see a man has the courage to say that the law has not passed away

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