Enter into the Gates of Zion

Enter into the gates of Xion saith the Lord. Enter into the Glory land of the Almighty God for you will find the Ruver if Life. do nit look to the rightor to the left walk the narrow way into the Gate if Zion. call upon My Name call upon me and I will sanctify your place in Me. glory glory fir the Word if the Lord has gone forth. glory glory speak unto me open your mouth with osama praises and songs and enter into My Presence. Now Now is the time to look to the mighty ways if the Lord and keep your eyes focused on My Ways. The Kingdom of God is by entering into the Gate of Zion. Now is the time fir you to enter into the Holy Mountain of Zion. your place has been sanctified as you walk and be Holy in His Presence. Enter now even now while you are seeking His Direction for your steps have been laid out before you. step out in faith for your way is prepared. Come Come for the King of kings has prepared His Kingdom for you.

thankyou Jesus for this Word. Praises to the mighty Name of Jesus. Glory Glory Glory.

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Seeking to inspire people to understand the Kingdom of God and encourage people to turn their hearts to Jesus Christ. Our Lord and Savior
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1 Response to Enter into the Gates of Zion

  1. Sahir Anum says:

    Peace to you,
    We are pleased to introduce “Groaning Voice of Pakistan” who is serving the Lord in the poor Muslim country Pakistan . We are not affiliated with any organization or Church, mean we are working on self-supporting basis.
    For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.
    Bible Says:
    “And now I have heard the groanings of the people of Israel , in slavery now to the Egyptians, and I remember my promise.” (Exodus 6:5)
    Praise the Lord! that we are serving the same Lord of Israel and we believe that He will also save our people. Its very easy for you to minister, because this is not a new thing for you to ministering the people.
    Bible says:
    “Because people who are well don’t need a doctor! Its the sick people who do!” Was Jesus’ reply.” (Matthew 9:12)
    Moses & Jonah don’t want to go there, but our mighty Lord uses them to serve His kingdom.
    Our Boss (Lord) is same, but only difference is that you are serving Him there and we are serving Him in Pakistan . Where Christian being a poor community has to face lot of difficulties, majority of Christian men are addicted or jobless and their wives are compel to work in Muslims houses to earn something for their children due to un skillness they work as a housemaid. Unfortunately their pay is not sufficient to meet their needs but most of them become victim of Muslims sexuality some time they lost their life by denying to do so.
    As other third world countries mostly people are poor here, so firstly they want to fulfill their daily needs and then they are ready to hear the word of God. In Pakistan 60% of the population is jobless. Many of the younger generation are unemployment due to a lack of skills and they easily become involved with bad people. They are compel to do so because they don’t have enough sources and facilities to get good skill or high tech for better job to make their future bright. This is militating on their future. Consequently they are adopting evil ways. That’s the reason our people produces and helps the terrorists.
    Revival Crusades and Seminars are one of the best and effective way to teach the people. We can easily teach Christians among Muslims in these types of meetings.
    Who have burden to teach & preach in the depressed & needy people?
    If you are able to help our people in anyway please do not hesitate to sown a seed and do it for the work of God and join us for revival in Pakistan .
    If in any way you are unable to come than how you can help us?
    •Through Prayer Support.
    • Send your friends for Revival Crusades & Seminars
    • Through Financial & Moral support
    • Through religious materials or other things as you like.
    No one give you any reward except our dear Lord, and we believe that our Lord will give you reward from the doors of haven. God blesses you, empower you, strengthen you and encourage you with Holy Spirit so that you may help the needy people more effectively.
    Thanks and God bless you all,

    Sahir Anum
    National Coordinator

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