Arise Arise God is calling for a People

arise arise God is calling for a people. Are you ready to be changed in a twinkling of an eye. have you been seeking the heart of the Lord. now now the time is at hand. for Jesus is calling a people that want to be the Living Church that are built on the only foundation that will be everlasting to everlasting. now now is the time to hear His Voice. do not lose faith. do not waiver for the time is at hand. glory glory glory to King Jesus for He rules the Everlasting Kingdom. Keep your eyes focused on the Only Living God. For Jesus said that I Am the Resurrection and the Life.


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Seeking to inspire people to understand the Kingdom of God and encourage people to turn their hearts to Jesus Christ. Our Lord and Savior
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2 Responses to Arise Arise God is calling for a People

  1. Sid Williams says:

    God is calling through, “The Very First Bible Translation; Including the Names of the Gods,” c. 2007, Sid Williams,
    Free downloads. The Jews changed [plural] “Gods” (MYHLA) to [single] “God” (LA) – 2,492 times; and “He Is” (HWHY) to, “the Lord” (NWNDA H) – 6,735 times. The Popes changed, “Anointed, He-Saving to ‘Jesus Christ” (in AD 1738) – 1,467 times. Several Lexicographers had identified [plural] “Gods” and said it meant [single] “God.” Strong’s Hebrew #430.

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