Glory to King Jesus

Glory to King Jesus The King of kings and the Lord of lords The Trumpet of Zion has been blown there is a shaking, a cracking and a moving in the spirtual and physical realms. lets turn our hearts to Jesus Christ NOW is the time to listen to the Spirit of the Living God


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Seeking to inspire people to understand the Kingdom of God and encourage people to turn their hearts to Jesus Christ. Our Lord and Savior
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2 Responses to Glory to King Jesus

  1. Sid Williams says:

    Iesous has his Hebrew origin (Joshua): ‘SWHY – He (Y) The (H) [One] Saving (‘SW). The Greek cannot be translated — I = tenth H = feminine article, “the” — SOS = yours. The feminine article and masculine case – OS are incom patible. I have abbreviated the Hebrew, “He the [one] saviong” to read, “HE-SAVING” for Greek translation.
    sid williams

  2. Sid Williams says:

    “The God and the Lamb” founded New Jerusalem – Rev 21.22-23. The Papacy and the Pope (Beast and False Prophet)founded “the church” much later. There is no word “church” in the Bible. EK KLHSIA = “From-calling” resurrected in AD 77.
    “The throne of the God and of the Lamb is in Her (New Jerusalem)”; Rev 22.3.

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